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All The Best Memorial Day Beauty Sales to Shop This Weekend

Stock up on products from brands like La Mer, MAC, Sand & Sky, and more — at discounts up to 70 percent off. All The...

Stress – the mind-body connection

Stress - the mind-body connection Beauty News {$excerpt:n} Ways to deal with the tension in your life Stress - the mind-body connection

Jeans styles – a guide

From jeggings to boot-cut Source: Beauty News

Finding a New Partnership in a Changing Landscape

As in any great reset, the new world we’re embarking into presents plenty of opportunities, and challenges. Some organisations have encountered a sensational setback...

The Magical Year of Accelerated Transformation.

For many, digital transformation as of now, is still a vague term, with some level of hope that some magical technology intervention can automatically...

Top 10 secrets of 100% healthy people

A review of Patrick Holford's book of health tips Source: Beauty News

The Science of Decision Making

So here we are, a month or so to conclude the year of the twenties. Such a magical number, such an interesting year, 2020....

The Three Question of Ethics. And their Simple Answers.

The secret’s out. The new world we’re embarking into, uncompromisingly requires full-on ethics. From ethical sourcing to ethical AI, technology proves that it can...

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