Friday, June 18, 2021


Your post-lockdown social etiquette guide

Lockdown is lifting, temperatures are rising (somewhat), and there is an air of optimism that Britain just might beat this pandemic after all. Following...

The Race to Solve World’s Complex Problems

As we are taking steps into returning to normalcy, the big picture starts to reveal itself. We live in a world with unprecedented disruption...

A history of piercing

A history of piercing Beauty News {$excerpt:n} Face and body piercing have a longer history than you'd think! A history of piercing

Picking flowers for your wedding

Get flower choice right for your big day Source: Beauty News

The World After the Pandemic.

In light of preparing ourselves to go back to normality that is very much in sight, there’s a widening gap of understanding between what...

The Science of Decision Making

So here we are, a month or so to conclude the year of the twenties. Such a magical number, such an interesting year, 2020....

Building Post-COVID, Future-proof Resilience.

Autumn is here, Winter is near. Almost a year our world has been shaken by a very smart, almost elusive virus, impacting every aspect...

Choosing the right exercise program

Walking, aerobics, weights - so much to pick from Source: Beauty News

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