Friday, June 18, 2021


Looking young and career

looking young and career

The Race to Solve World’s Complex Problems

As we are taking steps into returning to normalcy, the big picture starts to reveal itself. We live in a world with unprecedented disruption...

2021. New Framework, New Trajectory.

We’ve made it through 2020, and depending on your point of view, the end of the tunnel of the pandemic hurricane. February is a...

The Science of Decision Making

So here we are, a month or so to conclude the year of the twenties. Such a magical number, such an interesting year, 2020....

Building Post-COVID, Future-proof Resilience.

Autumn is here, Winter is near. Almost a year our world has been shaken by a very smart, almost elusive virus, impacting every aspect...

Solidarity Website for Dyslexia

A software developer has created a unique website that allows readers to experience what it is like to have dyslexia. At first glance, Victor Widell's...

Lessons Learned From Businesses That Thrived During Lockdown

Turn on any news channel and you’ll be hit with a stream of negative messages: store closures, economic catastrophe, mass unemployment, and more. Coronavirus...

One Of America’s Largest Ivory Markets May Finally Ban Sales

Amid warnings that Hawaii's ivory market is poised to become the nation's largest, state lawmakers have pushed forward a pair of bills aimed at...

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