Friday, June 18, 2021


Your post-lockdown social etiquette guide

Lockdown is lifting, temperatures are rising (somewhat), and there is an air of optimism that Britain just might beat this pandemic after all. Following...

Stress – the mind-body connection

Stress - the mind-body connection Beauty News {$excerpt:n} Ways to deal with the tension in your life Stress - the mind-body connection

Picking flowers for your wedding

Get flower choice right for your big day Source: Beauty News

Diet plan review – achieving your weight loss goal

Some popular diet plans compared Source: Beauty News

We Answered 9 of Your Biggest Skin-Care Questions

Allure readers, allow us to satisfy all of your complexion curiosities. Source: beauty

Fertility treatments allow two-women families to reach record levels

Record numbers of lesbian couples are becoming parents through fertility treatment, official figures show. The number of two-mum families jumped by more than a...

Increasing alcohol tax best way to fix budget deficit, says report

Economic modelling finds 10% hike in alcohol excise and scrapping of the wine equalisation tax would raise $2.9bn a year Increasing the price of alcohol,...

Why Teddy had to bite the dust

Pub pricing | Cuddly toys | Eye-level grills | Dirty road signs | Driverless cars The writer of You're halving a laugh (Shortcuts, G2, 7...

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